Portrait of Gilbert McCann; Artist, Sculptor

Gilbert McCann is married, has three children, and six grandchildren. He studied at Mott Community College, in Flint Michigan, and at Yavapai Community College in Prescott, Arizona. One of Gil's proudest accomplishments is the installation and dedication of one of his works, called “Spike,” in the city of Yuma. Gil also has sculptures at the Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute. “Victory” can be seen just inside the main entrance and “Robotic Intervention” is on display in the office of oncologist Dr Douglas Iddings. Gilbert has had a number of exhibits of his work. Some places his work has been shown is at the Dayton, Florida Art League, Yavapai College Art Gallery, the Shiawassee Art Council, the Greater Flint Art Council, Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum, Art Reach Center of MidMichigan and most recently at Kettering University’s Humanities Art Center and Gallery. Currently, he is working on various projects and commissions. In his spare time, Gil enjoys playing drums with his band, teaching young students the joy of drumming, riding his Harley, and spending time with his family.


Throughout my life I have always been aware that I have a unique and unusual way of perceiving the world around me. I was blessed with a talent to express this through art. After the use of several mediums, I have found that metal holds the key to unlock my creativity.

Just as metal is strong and rigid, it can also be soft and pliable. And, with the right application, it can even be made to dance!

Please take a moment and join me on a journey through the movement, textures, colors and emotions of metal.

As I truly believe, my creations come from my heart, to my head, to my hands, to the world.