"Captured Prey"

A Metal Sculpture By Gilbert McCann: Metal Artist

The 'Captured Prey' sculpture, by Gilbert McCann Close-up of the 'Captured Prey' sculpture, by Gilbert McCann

About This Sculpture

The bald eagle is a bird of prey found in North America, from Canada to Mexico. They, most often, are found near large bodies of water with an abundant food supply and large trees for nesting. It builds the largest nest of any animal species, up to 13 feet deep, and 8 feet wide. An eagle's body length is up to 37 inches, with a wingspan of up to 90 inches. An eagle's eye sharpness is at least four times that of a person with perfect vision.

The bald eagle's diet consists mainly of fish. To hunt fish, the eagle swoops down over the water at speeds up to 99 mph. It snatches fish out of the water with its talons which can be opened and closed at will. Bald eagles can fly with fish at least equal to their own weight, but if the fish is too heavy the eagle could be dragged into the water. It may swim to safety, but some drown or succumb to hypothermia. If dragged into the water, it is because the eagle refuses to release the fish. In some cases this is due to hunger. It's estimated that only one out of eighteen attempts at attacking its prey is successful. In the late 1900s the bald eagle was on the brink of extinction in the United States. By 2007, populations recovered and they were no longer listed as being an endangered or threatened species.

Hunting for a meal, this eagle has captured a large salmon and is returning with it to its nest. With wings flaired, this raptor of prey lifts the fish out of the water creating only the smallest ripple. This eagle's family will not go hungry today.


Height: 20 inches
Width: 14 inches
Depth: 12 inches


Clear powder-coated steel, brass, and copper.



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