Designs, Art Drawings, Concepts

By Gilbert McCann: Metal Artist

I have included some of my sketches here on my website. Some are art drawings; some are concepts or ideas that I have made or will make into metal sculptures; and some are designs to present to a client for a project that they have requested. To access more pictures, along with details about them, click on the photos below.

I hope you will enjoy viewing these pictures.

The 'Gate' design, by Gilbert McCann


The designs portfolio page consists of some of the projects that clients asked me about creating. In some cases the clients are known to me and in other cases they have been referred. I meet with them, listen to their ideas, make suggestions, and then draw up a variety of designs for the project. Some projects are then commissioned, others are scheduled for a later date. In all cases, I attempt to design a piece that includes their ideas and yet pleasantly surprises them with the approach I use and the many extra details I always include. Click on the sketch of the gate to see some of these projects.

'Self Portrait' drawing, by Gilbert McCann


My drawings are very different, one from another. Some of them are free formed surrealistic images; some are realistic. They all have a very special meaning to me. I will share with you what I was thinking as they were being created. Please feel free to share with me what they mean to you.

Deco #10, by Gilbert McCann


These are sketches I have made for possible future sculptures. I am pretty much creating ideas all of the time. Some ideas are fleeting, others remain. Some are good; some not so good. The ones that I want to keep I draw so I will not lose them. Here are some of those ideas.

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