By Gilbert McCann: Metal Sculptor

Gilbert McCann, with his Flower Child sculpture.

My concept for "Flower Child" was to create a metaphoric contradiction. On one hand you have the foreboding visual of a skeleton, referencing nightmares. On the other hand you have the gentle, friendly hippie saying, "Peace" and offering up a flower. Therefore we have an approachable skeleton.

This piece is entirely made out of rebar which I find to be a very organic shape. It also lends itself perfectly to this purpose. I used my own body measurements when creating this piece. So it can be said, "Indeed, a part of me exists within this piece."


Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Width: 1 foot, 10 inches
Depth: 1 foot, 3 inches


Heat bent rebar, clear epoxy coated, natural rebar coloring.



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