FULL BLOOM metal sculpture, by Gilbert McCann.

A fantasy flower in full bloom stretches its petals outward inviting butterflies and other creatures to join in its beauty. If you use your imagination you can almost smell its fragrance.

Full Bloom started out as a simple idea. It was going to be just a piece for my yard. As I worked, my flower took on a life of its own. Being a person who really enjoys working in the garden I couldn't help but being influenced by all the beautiful colors and textures all around me. It wasn't long before the artist in me set to work to create the vision I saw. Thus Full Bloom was born.

Full Bloom continues to grow and change just as the perennials in your gardens do every year. First, it became a habitat for the small creatures that live nearby. It was visited by God's beautiful butterflies. Then a family of ladybugs took up residence. Next, its root system began to dig deeper into the ground, searching for sustenance and nutrition.

What will happen next?


Height: 6 feet, 8 inches
Width: 4 feet, 7 inches
Depth: 3 feet, 6 inches


Welded, hammered and torch cut sheet metal, rebar and steel tubing, polyurethane color and clear coat.


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