A Metal Sculpture By Gilbert McCann: Metal Artist

The 'Resurrection' sculpture, by Gilbert McCann Close-up of the 'Resurrection' sculpture, by Gilbert McCann Close-up of the 'Resurrection' sculpture, by Gilbert McCann

About This Sculpture

Resurrection: this one’s very close to me. After some research I discovered there are many forms of resurrection. Resurrection can mean the act of causing something that had ended, been forgotten, or lost to exist again, i.e., found object art, rebuilding a broken car engine, the resurrection of a decrepit neighborhood, the bringing back of a memory.

At one time in my life I was a broken human being; I was very ill. I had lost not only my health but also everything I held dear. I was beyond lost until I remembered something someone told me once. “God is always there; all I need do is ask for his help.” Which I did and little by little I was rebuilt and learned a valuable lesson. All that I need is already in my heart. This is why I say, “Each piece I create, God places in my heart, which becomes an idea, that is constructed by my hands. From my heart, to my head, to my hands.”

I was reborn, resurrected.


Height: 11 inches
Width: 7 inches
Depth: 5 inches


Sculpture: clear powder-coated steel


Available for purchase

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