By Gilbert McCann: Metal Sculptor

'For Safe Keeping' metal sculpture, by Gilbert McCann

The heart keeps many secrets. Whether it be of love, sadness, anger, or fear. It may be of the first time a new father holds his child. Or it could be of the passing of a loved one. The confusion when a relationship begins to dissolve or the anger when that relationship crumbles. It stores these emotions away to be brought out and examined many times during our lives.

For Safe Keeping started out as a simple red heart. As I worked on it I began to examine many of the emotions that are in our hearts. It was then that I began to think of the heart as a place that could be locked (closed) or unlocked (open) and only you hold the key. It's your choice to consider/decide how this applies to you.


Height: 11.5 inches
Width: 12 inches
Depth: 0.5 inches

Height: 19 inches
Width: 19.5 inches
Depth: 10 inches


Heart: 1/8" steel plate, painted polyurethane color and clear coat.
Stand: 3/16" round rod, painted polyurethane color and clear coat.


Sold at the Greater Flint Art Council Members Exhibit to a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

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'For Safe Keeping' metal sculpture 'For Safe Keeping' metal sculpture 'For Safe Keeping' metal sculpture

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