Drawings By Gilbert McCann: Metal Artist

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Drawing Projects

'Self Portrait' drawing, by Gilbert McCann

Self Portrait

One of the challenges of having a “creative” mind is how to organize all of the thoughts and ideas that are running around in that brain. Sometimes they flow together; some times they are in opposition to themselves. This is my cretive process in a drawing.

'A Thought'

A Thought

One day I felt the need to take a break and go somewhere I’ve never been. I imagined New Orleans and I thought that visiting during Mardi Gras would be fun. This is that thought. Maybe I’ll act on it someday.

'Silenced Princess' drawing

Silenced Princess

Many of other cultures treat women differently. In some women are silenced. My princess has so much beauty and so muchknowledge. But her voice has been taken from her. If she could speak what would she say?

'Enraged' drawing


Have you ever become unreasonably mad because you can’t find your car keys; or your wallet. Especially when you know that you are going to be late for an appointment. Well I have and this is how I figure I must look. I drew this to try and remind myself that taking such small things to this extreme is certainly not necessary. And that next time I need to stop and take a breath before responding.

Fragile Butterfly drawing

Fragile Butterfly

Butterflies come in all shapes and colors. Some are big, some very small. All are very fragile.

Old Pine Trees drawing

Old Pine Trees

This was one of my assignments using pen and ink while attending Mott Community College. I was so proud of it, had it framed and I gave it to my mother as a thank you for her encouragement in my pursuit of the arts. And like all mothers, receiving a child’s artwork, she immediately hung it on the wall. This drawing remained on her wall until her passing. It is very special to me.

'Extinction!' drawing


Imagine the fear and anger of the greatest, most powerful beasts to roam this earth when they realized that their time had come and their species would soon be extinct.

Scorpion Rat

Scorpion Rat

Cross a rat with a scorpion and you have the makings of a great Saturday afternoon monster triple feature.

The Dream

The Dream

Some dreams are colored red for anger; gray makes me feel sad; the colors yellow and gold can make you feel happy like a bright sunshiny day. For me teal is both pleasing and restful. This is the color I hope my dreams tonight will be.

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